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Adrian Aardvark, Paul Carson, the Vine Brothers
live at the ROTA Gallery on 7/26/14
photography by Jerry Cadieux

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Adrian Aardvark live at the ROTA 7/26/14


Adrian Aardvark live at the ROTA 7/26/14

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Best weekend rocking out with @appleseedcider @pitchforkfest. #LetTheStoriesFlow #adrianaardvark

Best weekend rocking out with @appleseedcider @pitchforkfest. #LetTheStoriesFlow #adrianaardvark

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Saturday, July 26th at 7PM
ROTA Gallery at 39 Bridge St, Plattsburgh, NY

3 to 10 dollars to hear great independent music 

The Vine Brothers (Americana gypsy swing trio)

Paul Carson (Comic book king who’s a storytelling folk star)

Adrian Aardvark (Back again from the dead, posi-death zone)

Saturday, July 26th at 7PM
ROTA Gallery at 39 Bridge St, Plattsburgh, NY

3 to 10 dollars to hear great independent music

The Vine Brothers (Americana gypsy swing trio)

Paul Carson (Comic book king who’s a storytelling folk star)

Adrian Aardvark (Back again from the dead, posi-death zone)

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New video ad for AMERICAN AARDVARK by Bryce Brushnefski. Check it out!

American Aardvark… still available. Don’t forget to check out the new EP, Bones Positive.

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Adrian Aardvark performs Toaster live with Doomfuck at the Rota, 6/27/14.

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Adrian Aardvark | Letdown

Disappointment, try to postpone it 
But it is inevitable 
Expectations too high 
Thought I was going be more careful 
These hopes won’t manifest 
Just left with guilt and regret 
I’ll blame me and you can blame you 
This is so depressing 

I will let you down 
You will let me down 

It doesn’t have to be this way 

Confidence in your decisions 
Can it even be that simple 
Try your best and be brave 
Can’t you act intelligible 
Working hard for something real 
Something worthy something lasting 
Something that you will fight for 
Something to keep you living 

I won’t let you down 
You won’t let me down

Above is a track called Letdown from the new Adrian Aardvark EP titled Bones Positive. Adrian Aardvark is the pet project of Chris Rigsbee and he has been playing under the AA moniker for a little over a decade now. Over the years, Chris has been on numerous small tours up and down the east coast and has managed to construct a discography so enormous and vast that I’m not even sure he even knows how many songs he’s given birth to. I’ve known Chris and followed his music for close to 8 years now and there are still songs and b-sides I know I haven’t even heard. Just when I think I’ve collected every possible take of every possible song, I’ll be driving somewhere and Sean or Matt will pull out a CDR that was probably burned at 4x speed back in 2005 and be like “Yea, but have you heard this take?” Chris’ songs are a lot like insects: they all have tiny little lives of their own and chances are if you see one, there are 100 other versions of it you don’t know about.

But that’s really both the charm and challenge of getting into Adrian Aardvark. Chris’ art is amorphous. There are so many different version of the project and so many different songs and so many different takes of songs on so many different albums that just visiting his bandcamp page can psyche out the average listener much like how I would look at a mountain and be like “I’m not climbing that fucking thing, are you serious?” But that’s really not how Adrian Aardvark should be approached. You’ve got to just rent a helicopter and dive-bomb into that shit. You may never reach the summit or you may reach the summit and never come down. 

The point I’m trying to make is for every Adrian Aardvark song you’re not super down with, then there’s probably one you are. Same goes with his live performances.

The first time I heard about Adrian Aardvark was shortly after Chris had returned to Plattsburgh from some other exotic destination like Guam, Iceland or Providence, RI. I can’t remember. What I do remember is getting an invite to a show at the local Co-Op and AA was playing. I remember thinking the name was pretty dumb and I didn’t end up going for a variety of reasons I can’t quite recall. After that, I started hearing more about Chris through some mutual friends. My first memory of actually meeting him was when he showed up to a party at my apartment at like 2am with a 30-rack of beer. Chris quickly became “the guy who always shows up with more beer”. 

Fast forward some months later to Chris and I actually playing our first show together at my friend Liz’s apartment. This was the first time I had ever seen Chris play and it was one of the most bizarre and entertaining experiences of my life. Here was this guy with glasses and a mop-top screaming like a possessed muppet and wailing on an electric guitar playing a 7 minute song about space or something. I don’t know, I just mostly remember the blood all over the guitar. It was so crazy and loud and raw and I was so, so into it. Chris ended up giving me a couple of his trademark CDR’s wrapped in construction paper and I took it home and popped it in and immediately turned it off. The recording was a lot of noise and chaos and I just wasn’t ready for that at that point in my life. 

And I was really confused because here was a guy who totally blew me away live and now I’m listening to an album that’s supposed to be him but, I mean, this couldn’t really be him could it? But it was. Because, you see, there are many different Chris’ and many different Aardvark’s. There’s the psychedelic freak-out Aardvark shaking his cosmic booty up in the earth’s Stratosphere; there’s the black-out, I-want-to-fucking-die dark Aardvark; there’s the party all-night, party all-day keep jumpin’, never-gonna-die pop darling Aardvark; and there’s the shit-son-everything-is-gonna-be-okay Aardvark. I could go on and on. But I eventually found the recordings I loved and in time, I even came to appreciate what I didn’t love so much at first. 

I’ve met a lot of musicians who have their musician-life and their personal life. Well Adrian Aardvark is totally Chris Rigsbee. There’s no divide there. When you’re watching Adrian Aardvark you’re watching the most honest, up-to-date version of Chris. The guy’s traveled to a lot of places, drank a lot of beers, met a lot of people and has had a lot of experiences. And every time he sings about once of these experiences, you can tell he’s back there. There are times when I’m playing that I can draw on past feelings and put them into the performance. But unless a song is new, there’s a lot of natural restraint. But when he plays, he bleeds and he doesn’t hold back because he can’t hold back. I’ve seen him play so fucking loud and so fucking hard that people had to leave the room. And you never knew if he was going to improv an entire song or just do a noise set. Chris is one of the most exciting performers because you literally never know what he’s going to do next and sometimes neither does he until the moment before he plays.

But that energy has to come from somewhere and it’s not limit-less. These songs take a lot out of him which in the past few years has led to lengthy breaks between performances. Adrian Aardvark has died and been reborn and died again countless times. Chris is always cocooning himself and transforming over and over again like an freaky immortal butterfly in tie-dye t-shirt and shorts and those blue sneakers that I don’t think he’s ever going to throw away.

But enough about the past. Bones Positive is a sequel of sorts to his previous album, Hidden Magic Revival which was released after two-year or so hiatus. As with Hidden Magic Revival, this EP features a full band playing acoustic guitar, electric guitar, violin, stand-up bass, cello, singing saw, drums and probably some other instruments I’m forgetting. Let me just put it this way—the dude loves layers.

Bones Positive is one of two releases (the first being American Aardvark) that documents the 7-8 months following the release of Hidden Magic Revival with the line-up of Dan Andersen, Shannon Stott, Catie Wurster, Chris Dalnodar, Sean Godreau and Justin Passino (that’s me). I left the band shortly after recording the EP and Chris left the band a few months ago when he moved to Philly. See what I mean? Constantly changing. But even though the line-up is always in flux, Chris remains at the heart of Adrian Aardvark. Strumming and stomping away like he always has.

But that’s not to say that Chris hasn’t evolved or changed. Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of watching his song-writing grow and mature and I have to say this EP (much like American Aardvark and Hidden Magic Revival) is his strongest, most coherent and accessible release yet. If anyone was waiting for a starting point, it’s this EP. It’s short but it’s everything Chris really represents in his art which is basically that life fucking blows sometimes but there’s still beauty to be found. When he first played me the masters in his car, we jokingly dubbed it “posi-death”. But it’s true. Chris will make you laugh one second and break your heart the next. You’ve got to take the good with the bad because without the bad we wouldn’t truly appreciate the good. And yea everything is terrible and we’re all going to die but Chris has died like 6 times and he’s still managed to somehow keep his head up and keep going. I think we can manage that too.

I guess what I’m trying to say is Adrian Aardvark to me is all about constant movement and constant transformation. Take the hits but keep moving forward. And while this EP is just a small slice of the AA universe, it certainly has one of the prettier views. So stop and rest here for a bit but by all means don’t stop exploring. I know Chris won’t.

You can download Bones Positive and most of Chris’ past discography at his Bandcamp Page. FFO: Magnetic Fields, Broken Social Scene, short shorts, cookie monster, vodka drinks and cosmic farts.

Now who wants a popsicle?

The nicest thing anyone has ever said about my music/friendship/life. It is so hard to feel sane with the many ups and downs of life. Music and people who care to try to understand and listen are the things that keep me going.

Please listen to For the Kid in the Back if you haven’t already. Justin knows all about the deep deep darkness in every human and the hope to do better in this world for everyone and ourselves.

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Listen/purchase: Bones Positive by Adrian Aardvark

Check out Adrian Aardvark’s new EP Bones Positive! Recorded and engineered by Joe Cross at the House of George in Upstate New York. Features eight musicians who helped make these sizzling summer posi-death vibes.
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It is creeping ever so closer to our reality


It is creeping ever so closer to our reality

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For the Kid in the Back | Death to Our Enemies

I stood outside of the door. 
I was too scared to scream. 
Too scared to do anything.
In that moment of fear,
I just sat on the stairs
and begged for the earth to open up and swallow me.

The bruises on your arms were the color of lilac. 
They looked like abstract tapestries.
I wasn’t aware of my power then to scream,
to put an end to anything.

You walk to your car.
Keys clenched in your hand,
you walk as fast as you can.
There are monsters in the streets
and they’re baring their teeth. 

And nobody believes you 
when you repeat those things they say.
And boys will be boys 
until these boys are conditioned into violent, deadly machines.

They’ll try to take what they want,
be it your undeserved attention or teeth spread out on the pavement.
They are afraid of what they can’t take away,
your right to be what you are without their permission.

The bruises on my arms were the color of lilac.
They looked like abstract tapestries.
But I am aware of my power now to scream, to change everything
to bring death to our enemies.

Death to our enemies.

New song. It and 3 others comprise a new EP I’ll be releasing very, very soon titled Death to Our Enemies. The subject matter of all 4 of these songs deals heavily with incidents of Sexual and Non-Sexual Assault as well as Sexual Abuse. I will not mention any names or go into any details, but all of these incidents occurred in or around my hometown of Plattsburgh, NY.

This is the first song of the EP and I will post another new song again soon. Then eventually the entire record. Just digital for now from my bandcamp until an opportunity presents itself to release it on other formats.

I spent a very long time writing and recording and re-writing and re-recording this record. There were many times where I contemplated not releasing these songs at all. But unfortunately we live in a world where a vast majority of people treat other human beings as less than human beings because of their sexuality, gender, race, class and appearance. We live in a culture of dehumanization. And I decided more songs that spark discussions about that is better than the alternative. Especially when you live in a small community where there are some who try to deny these incidents happen.

Okay that’s it. Take care of each-other!


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